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Holster Showdown: What’s the difference between Kydex, injection molded?

Kydex holsters, like the Scorpion AIWB from StealthGear USA, offer both retention and durability. (Photo: Jacki Billings) In the world of molded holsters, two styles fight for dominance in a crowded concealed carry market: Kydex versus injection molded. The two styles tout similarities that to an untrained eye would look almost

The long Cocky-gate nightmare is over

I’ve been wanting to write about Cocky-gate for some time now but the story – a row between self-published authors that degenerated into ridiculousness – seems finally over and perhaps we can all get some perspective. The whole thing started in May when a self-published romance author, Faleena Hopkins, began

Luke Cage Cast on What's New in Season 2

Nearly two years since Luke Cage (Mike Colter) became Marvel's first African-American lead – 21 months to be precise, not counting his stint with The Defenders – the bulletproof black man is set to return to Harlem this Friday, June 22 for a second season on Netflix. In addition to

Calls for gun control follow New Jersey ‘Art All Night’ festival shooting

Gov. Phil Murphy visited the scene of the Trenton Art All Night festival on Sunday, where hours earlier 22 were injured– 17 by gunfire– in what Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri said occurred because of gang-related tension (Photo: Murphy’s office) Although the deceased gunman was a felon convicted of homicide-related charges

Prisma co-founders raise $1M to build a social app called Capture

Two of the co-founders of the art filter app Prisma have left to build a new social app. Prisma, as you may recall, had a viral moment back in 2016 when selfie takers went crazy for the fine art spin the app’s AI put on photos — in just a few seconds

Bank holding $1.6 million ‘hostage’ from Slide Fire, lawsuit says

The bump stock attached to an AR rifle. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/ Texas-based Slide Fire says the financial institution that processed transactions for its online store is holding “hostage” more than $1.6 million in an effort to force the gun accessory maker into a less favorable business agreement. By withholding the funds, Utah-based

Bet money on yourself with Proveit, the 1-vs-1 trivia app

Pick a category, wager a few dollars and double your money in 60 seconds if you’re smarter and faster than your opponent. Proveit offers a fresh take on trivia and game show apps by letting you win or lose cash on quick 10-question, multiple choice quizzes. Sick of waiting to battle

With gun control tracking at the state level, Illinois county resolves to support gun rights instead

The Clark County Board resolution passed last week argues a number of proposed gun control bills backed by state lawmakers violate people’s constitutional rights. (Photo: Clark County Court Reporter’s office) The County Board of Clark County in southeastern Illinois on Friday passed a resolution to oppose a long list of pending