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Wealthy donors spend millions to boost top super PAC supporting Senate Democrats, filings show

] Among the other seven-figure checks the Senate Majority PAC received last month were $2 million from Alexander Soros, philanthropist and son of leading Democratic donor George Soros; $1 million from Deborah J. Simon, philanthropist and daughter of Simon Property Group co-founder Melvin Simon; and $1 million from Haim Saban, chairman

Federal election officials failed to enforce campaign finance requirements on outside group in 2010, judge rules

 between the FEC and the government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, over whether federal record-keeping and disclosure requirements should have applied ahead of the 2010 elections to the conservative-leaning American Action Network, a nonprofit and so-called “dark money” group. CREW challenged the FEC’s

‘You’re not going to save anybody’: What the last person to rebuff an independent counsel subpoena would say to Sam Nunberg

] McDougal’s case is decades old now, though it is a useful parallel, given Nunberg’s threat Monday. McDougal, like Nunberg, became something of a celebrity when she refused to cooperate with independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who was then investigating the Clintons in the Whitewater case. In September