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Alabama moves to arm, train some public school administrators

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey established the program as an additional security measure in schools that do not have a school resource officer (Photo: Governor’s Office) The voluntary Alabama Sentry Program would allow administrators in the state’s public school systems to have a gun on campus once they meet requirements. Established last week

Pizzeria employee fatally shoots mask-wearing assailant (VIDEO)

A Florida Little Caesar’s employee with a concealed carry permit reportedly defended himself from a late-night attack from a masked man bent on doing him harm. Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was closing the Holly Hill restaurant in Volusia County on Saturday night and, upon walking outside, was ambushed by a man wearing

NRA lobbyist in Florida hounded by death threats (VIDEO)

Typically county commissioners wouldn’t scoff at a septuagenarian receiving death threats. But then again, Marion Hammer is not your typical septuagenarian. “Who the heck would threaten her anyway? The preachers? The teachers? The nurses and doctors? The League of Women Voters? The Moms Demand Action? She’s ridiculous,” Leon County Commissioner

Police say Maryland school shooter killed himself

The scene outside Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland, after a reported shooting on March 20, 2018. (Photo: Alex Brandon/ AP Photo) Law enforcement in southern Maryland said the teenager who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend at Great Mills High School last month turned the gun on himself after

Australian police increasingly issued patrol rifles

New South Wales Public Order and Riot Squad officers with Colt M4 carbines (Photo: AAP via The Sydney Morning Herald) Citing threats posed by gun-armed criminals and potential terrorists, law enforcement in Australia are getting more rifles. In Victoria, a spokesman for Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed state police are considering expanding

Cash-strapped San Francisco finds $800K more for gun control

San Francisco’s recently appointed interim mayor, Mark Farrell, heralded increases in the city’s staff dedicated to gun recovery. (Photo: Mayor’s office) With San Francisco reportedly $10 billion in the hole, Mayor Mark Farrell announced a new push to help expand the city’s gun seizure squad. The $800,000 initiative, approved by the City, would