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Misfit Vapor Review

Google's Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear, isn't where the company intended it to be. Despite a headstart in the wearables game, there are now more fashion brands launching watches than tech companies. An interesting detail is that the watches from most of these fashion brands, including Diesel, Skagen

Fitbit Versa Review

Less than half a year since its foray into smartwatches, Fitbit is back with its second offering: the Versa. The acquisitions of Kickstarter-famous Pebble and payment start-up Coin have been central to Fitbit’s progress in this product segment, and now the company is building out its portfolio.There are two differences

Meet Atoms, the minimalist startup shoes you’ll actually wear

Step aside, Allbirds. Atoms come in quarter-sizes you can mix-and-match. Emerging from stealth today in a TechCrunch exclusive, this shoe startup’s obsession with satisfaction allowed it to replace my Nikes. I’ve spent the last two months wearing Atoms every day. They’re the first sneaker classy-looking enough for semi-formal occasions, but

iVoomi FitMe Fitness Band Review

Fitness bands have become a popular tech accessory and anyone wanting to track their activity levels can buy one. Manufacturers have noticed this trend and many are now offering fitness bands in their portfolio. We have seen big brands such as Lenovo selling the Lenovo HW02 fitness band, and now iVoomi is

HoloLens acts as eyes for blind users and guides them with audio prompts

Microsoft’s HoloLens has an impressive ability to quickly sense its surroundings, but limiting it to displaying emails or game characters on them would show a lack of creativity. New research shows that it works quite well as a visual prosthesis for the vision impaired, not relaying actual visual data