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How will President Trump negotiate with North Korea?

As President Trump prepares to in Singapore next week, one thing is certain: Expect the unexpected.

“Both of these leaders have a tendency to go with their instinct. And so, who knows what kind of direction it could veer off into, either good or bad,” says , who writes about diplomacy and the State Department for The Washington Post. “There is certainly the strong possibility there will be an element of surprise, despite all the very careful planning.”

On of the  podcast, we forecast what’s to come at the Singapore summit, and how Trump will navigate the high-stakes negotiations. What’s on the agenda? And what will success look like, in the short term and the long term?

“We can’t expect too much,” Morello says. “I think that the two leaders are primarily trying to suss each other out, and their intentions, and to see if when they meet eye to eye and talk, whether they believe that they have something that they can work on a deal with.”

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