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What to expect in Year Two of the Mueller investigation

For , national security reporter with The Washington Post, the first year of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has turned out to be far more complicated than he’d ever imagined.

And on of the podcast, Zapotosky talks about those milestones — accusations about Russian interference, indictments, plea deals, the start of a criminal trial, Stormy Daniels — and forecasts how the future of the special counsel investigation will play out, particularly as the president continues to attack it as a “witch hunt.”

“You can see in the poll numbers that it’s having an effect on public confidence,” Zapotosky says on the podcast. “Robert Mueller doesn’t stand for election. You know he’s going to just do his job. But it can become harder to do your job when the public doesn’t have faith in you. And if you’re thinking about court, you have to think about juries and how they view you. So public confidence is not totally unimportant to Mueller, either.”

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